Harassment Case; Meesha Shafi gave evidence to the FIA

meesha shafi, ali zafar

Mesha Shafi has submitted evidence on Ali Zafar’s request to the FIA ​​on harassment issues.

Meesha Shafi submitted her statement to the FIA ​​after the FIA ​​was summoned by the leading singer. And film star Ali Zafar and singer Meesha Shafi on a case of sexual harassment. Meesha Shafi has also submitted some evidence to prove her innocence.

Remember that singer Ali Zafar submitted a petition to the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Circle on his anti-social media campaign that:
his reputation has badly damage by these allegations and many of his upcoming films.

Firstly, The FIA ​​Cybercrime Circle summoned a number of artists and women of NGOs in the Ali Zafar case. Many of whom closed their statements and also some have even appeared.

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