Ali Zafar harassment case; FIA summons Meesha Shafi

ali zafar, meesha shafi

Federal Investigation Agency Cyber ​​Crime has summoned leading singer Mesha Shafi in Ali Zafar’s sexual harassment case.

Mesha Shafi accused prominent singer film star, Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. After this, Ali Zafar appealed to the FIA ​​against criticism. And he also accuses that messha Shafi allegations also affected his reputation and business.

At the request of the singer, the FIA ​​initiated the proceedings and also sought various artists from Lahore and Karachi who also recorded their statements in this regard to the FIA ​​Cybercrime.  The FIA summoned Mesha Shafiq On the request of Ali Zafar. Mesha Shafi will also record her statement.

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