Javed Jaffrey strongly criticizes the Indian government: ‘Hindustan kisi k baap ka nhi’

javed jaffri

Bollywood actor Javed Jafri has strongly criticized the controversial law of citizenship imposed by the Modi government. Saying that India is not the property of someone’s father.

The controversial citizenship law in India faces strong opposition from other social groups, including the opposition. While anti-government protests are continuing in the country following the approval of the bill by the Indian president.

Particularly in Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia students’ protest against the law and violence against Delhi Police. Students have attracted worldwide attention. And since that violence, protests have intensified in India.

Not only are the Muslim minorities in India protesting against the controversial citizenship law. But Bollywood actors have reacted strongly to the law. Recently, Bollywood Muslim actress Rajavid Jafri criticized the Modi government.

 Javed Jaffery’s Speech

He began his speech by saying:
Hum aah bhi karte hain to ho jate hain badnaam, Wo qatal bhi karte hain to charcha nahin hota ‘

Javed Jafri lauded the bravery of the students of Jamia Islamia. And said that the bravery of these young people is the strength of our country. He called on Indian TV host “Savdhan India” host Sushant Singh to arrange the arrangements for exclusion from the show because of opposition to the controversial citizenship law. Though the administration did not have to exclude him from the show.

Javed Jafri also said, “This country is not made like this. Many people have sacrificed a lot for this and those sacrifices have come into our blood, nowhere else. How long will we keep quiet?” Describing India’s internal problems, actor Javed Jafri criticized the government, saying that:
India is currently suffering from various problems including economic and economic crises and unemployment. First, solve these problems, Hindu Muslims are fighting among themselves. ۔

Javed Jaffrey told the Modi government that stop playing this game, what to do next, give people bread and clothes. You said that Congress was a corrupt party but you are doing it. You come and talk to everyone that we will build a school, work to promote education, health, and elimination of unemployment. But you come and speak straight we will build a temple, and there is nothing to do, build the country. ۔

Actor Javed Jaffrey termed the controversial citizenship law very dangerous, saying that the bill is against the Indian Constitution. it is shameful that you are neglecting a minority but giving citizenship to all others.

Javed Jafri also recited a poem

Javed Jafri concludes his speech with this poem by Indian poet Rahat Andori:

Lagegi aag to aayege Ghar kayi zad me
Yaha pe Sirf Hamara Makan thodi hai…

Sabhi ka Khoon hai Shamil yaha ki mitti me
Kisi ke baap ka Hindustan thodi hai…

Remember that according to controversial Bill of Citizenship the non-Muslim immigrants from three religions of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, including Hindus, Christians, Parsis, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists. Citizenship will be granted to all except Muslims.

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