The world’s oldest man wins a horse-drawn carriage race

In the photo, Tony Dandio is seen riding his horse-drawn carriage and he has set a new record by winning this race at the age of 86. Photo: Newstein website

Virginia: The 86-year-old has set a new record for the annual horse-drawn carriage race in the United States.

Tony Dandio celebrated his 86th birthday a week ago when he took part in a freehold raceway in New Jersey. His horse’s registration number was five and he won the race by running in a small cart tied to it.

In doing so, he broke George McCandless’s record set in 1994, in which George won the race at the age of 83. Tony completed the mile in just one minute, 59 seconds and two milliseconds.

It should be noted that Tony continues to compete in horse races and this was his 234th victory as he has been participating in this race for decades and is considered to be the best athlete.

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