The Indian company has given leave to the employees to watch ‘Money Hast Season 5’

We believe that after a situation like stress and chaos, ‘a break is made’, CEO – Photo: Internet

Delhi: The Indian company has given employees time off to watch season 5 of Netflix’s popular series ‘MoneyHist’ so that employees can sit at home and enjoy it.

Netflix has announced the release of season 5 of the popular Spanish series ‘Miniheast’, the first part of season 5 will be released on September 3 and the second on December 3, which millions of people around the world are eager to see.

A company in the state of Rajasthan has dismissed employees on September 3 before making false excuses.

The CEO of the company has written a letter to the employees stating that Season 5 of MoneyHist will be released on September 3, so the employees should take a day off because we think that some moments of fun can bring energy to your work. Play an important role for

At the same time, the company thanks all its employees who played a key role in getting the company out of this difficult time by working from home in the Corona epidemic.

“We think a break comes after a situation like stress and chaos,” the CEO said.

The company’s letter received a lot of attention on social media. Even the verified count of Netflix India on Twitter retweeted it and wrote that we had excuses for work but it is incomparable.

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