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The baby weighed only 600 grams and recovered from the hospital five months after birth

Little Adil only 600 at birth and has been in the ICU for five months and is now fully . Photo courtesy Khaleej Times

Abu Dhabi: The baby, who opened her eyes to the world 17 months before her normal pregnancy, has now returned home fully after five months in the hospital’s ICU. She weighed 600 (1.3 pounds) at birth and was about the size of a packet of sugar.

Adil, who was born on March 20 this year, hails from Abu Dhabi and was admitted to the ICU of Danat Emirates Hospital for Maternal and Child Health. However, in a period of five months, he also had to undergo two surgeries. When he left the hospital, he weighed about four kilograms and his health was enviable.

At birth, the baby was very thin, soft and small, with little chance of survival.

According to Dr. Dua Al-Masri, this is a very rare case because the baby was born in 23 weeks and usually only 10 to 30 percent of cases are like this. But we did not give up and immediately moved to the ICU to save his life. She has been fed through CPR stages, ventilator and drip.

Eleven days after the birth, a hole was found in her intestine, after which immediate surgery was performed and the affected parts were removed. He later underwent another surgery.

The entire hospital staff is delighted to see him. Her parents have thanked the entire hospital administration for trying their best to save Adil’s life.

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