Romeesa is the world’s tallest woman with a rare disease

Romisa Galji is currently just over seven feet and a half inches tall, but she also suffers from a rare disease called Weaver’s Syndrome. Photo: CNN

Istanbul: The 24-year-old Turkish woman is currently seven feet 0.7 inches tall and was recently named the world’s tallest living woman by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Romisa Galji is over 215 cm tall and suffers from a rare disease called Weaver’s Syndrome, which allows all organs, including height, to grow rapidly. But Romeesa also suffers from a number of other complications.

In 2014, the Guinness Book of World Records named her the tallest teenage girl, and now she has been named the tallest woman.

Romeesa needs a wheelchair because of her condition, but she can walk a short distance. She wants to raise public awareness of the disease. However, they are also very optimistic.

“Every shortcoming can be turned into a benefit, but the condition is that you accept yourself and show your best potential to the best of your ability,” Romessa told reporters. She says people are surprised to see her, but they also help and sympathize with her.

Speaking at the ceremony, Guinness Book of World Records editor Craig Glande said: “We welcome her back to this award because she has a passion that sets her apart from everyone else. Short awards usually don’t change that fast, so I congratulate them.

It should be noted that even the tallest living man in the world lives in Turkey. Sultan Quisen’s height is eight feet three inches and it is a strange coincidence that the tallest man and woman belong to the same country.

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