37-year-old unique friendship between the postman and Raj Hans

Istanbul:This is not the plot of a Diomalai story, but the true story of an old postman living in Turkey who has been friends with a swan for 37 years and is happy with each other.

Incidentally, 37 years ago today, in the western province of Edirne, Turkey, a young postman named Rajab Marzan found a small Mana Raj Hans who was injured.

Childless Rajab Mirzan’s wife had died but he had not remarried. He picked up the swan and raised it after receiving treatment. He named Raj Hans “Gharib”.

That day and today, Rajab Mirzan takes care of this swan just as if he were his own offspring.

The “poor” Raj Hans has been living with him on Rajab Marzan’s farm for the last 37 years.

The two are so familiar with each other that they are often seen together, whether they are walking or walking around the market.

By the way, Raj Hans (Swan) usually lives for only 12 years but Rajab Mirzan has taken care of the “poor” so much that today he is healthy despite being 37 years old.

By the way, the stories of friendship of other animals with humans are famous, but this story of friendship between Rajab Marzan and the “poor” has become popular not only in Turkey but all over the world. And there is a lot of talk about it on social media.

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