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Male giraffes are as ‘flirtatious’ as males, research says

Young male like to mate with many female giraffes in groups other than their own. (Photo: Internet)

Pennsylvania: A global team of scientists has discovered that male giraffes are as attractive as because they interact with a large number of other animals of their breed, especially female giraffes.

Although female giraffes also form large groups, these groups are usually ‘female’ with very few male giraffes.

Even in these groups, the females of the giraffes are mostly related to other females, while in other groups, the and females have very limited relations with the giraffes.

Unlike female giraffes, young males prefer to live in larger groups, while males of one group are more closely related to giraffes of other groups, especially female giraffes.

However, older male giraffes do not take much interest in expanding their social relationships and limit themselves as they age.

Journal of Animal Behavior Latest issues In this report published in, experts have suggested that the tendency of young male giraffes to interact more may be due to the search for the best female giraffe for mating.

The report also states that it is not beneficial to isolate a few giraffes from their group for the sake of safety and relocate them, as they become socially isolated, leading to their racism. The desire is also affected.

This means that keeping giraffes in their natural groups to protect them would be much better in saving their endangered species.

This will also help in better planning for the future of giraffe conservation.

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