Fifty year old cassette auctioned for Rs

The cassette features an interview with the famous British singer John Lennon and two of his songs recorded by young Danes. (Photos: Miscellaneous websites)

Copenhagen: A 1970 audio cassette sold for ڈالر 58,240 (approximately PKR 10 million) from a Danish auction house yesterday.

The cassette contains an interview with John Lennon, the famous British singer and founder of the pop band Beatle, and his wife, taken on January 5, 1970, by a group of young Danes.

In the 33-minute audio recording, Lenin and his wife, Yoko Ono, talk about their visit to Denmark and world peace.

At the end of the interview, Lenin sang two of his songs, “Give Peace a Chance” and “Radio Peace” (Radio of Peace), which he composed for a 1969 Dutch radio station. A But these songs were never broadcast.

It should be noted that the Cold War was in full swing in the United States and the former Soviet Union in the 1970s, when the US invasion of Vietnam was five years old.

A copy of the school newspaper and 29 photographs were put up for auction at Copenhagen’s Bron Rasmussen Auctioneer.

The cassette is owned by Carsten Huigen, who was part of a team of young students who interviewed Lenin.

Huijin rented a tape recorder from a local hi-fi shop to record the interview. Huijin is now over 65 years old.

Prior to the auction, it was estimated that the cassette would fetch around ً 47,000, but an unknown foreigner bought the cassette for more than 58 58,000.

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