The celestial stone broke the roof and fell on the side of the sleeping woman

In the St. Louis area of ​​Canada, Saqib woke up on the bed breaking the roof of the house. Photo: CBA website

British Columbia: A few days ago in St. Louis, a small town in Canada, a strange incident happened when a meteorite (meteorite) smashed the roof of his house and sank into his bed in Agra and pillows. The woman’s head was spared in the incident, otherwise her death was certain.

On October 4, many people in the area saw a bright shell land on the ground, and some people in Lake St. Louis at the time also saw it land on the ground. The stone fell on the home of a woman living in the Living Time Golden area.

A woman named Rath Hamilton woke up to the loud sound of the roof collapsing and felt the dust and debris of the house on her face. After waking up from a deep sleep, when she regained consciousness, she jumped out of bed and turned on the light. For a long time they did not understand what the real story was.

Suddenly his eyes fell on the pillow of his bed where a potato-like stone was placed. Ruth then called the police for help and she said that at first she did not understand what was going on. Police later said it was a celestial rock that smashed the roof of the house in Agra.

In this incident, the woman was completely safe and she has decorated the meteor piece in her house. According to Ruth, the stone may be billions of years old, which her grandchildren will love to see. His house was insured. When the insurance staff came to his house to assess the loss, he admitted that he had never seen such an incident.

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