The women who fell from the swing on the hill are miraculously safe

In Russian Dagestan, women who slipped and fell from a swing thousands of feet miraculously survived. Photo: Video shot

Russia: A video that has raised the eyebrows of millions of people on social media is currently going viral. In it, two women sitting on a swing can be seen falling from a height of thousands of feet.

This video is from the Dagestan region of Russia, where a family is present for entertainment. When a man swings two women, he sways like a pendulum and hits the pole supporting the swing. Its collision makes the cradle crooked. As a result, the women on the board slip and fall.

The cradle is located on a hill at an altitude of 6,300 feet, but fortunately the women, instead of descending thousands of feet from the edge of the peak, fell on a ridge-like barrier at the top of the peak and suffered minor injuries.

The incident took place in the Solak Valley of Russian Dagestan. It shows two women sliding down from their seats while swinging. Seeing this incident, the screams of many women present there can be heard. However, both women survived and suffered minor injuries.

The Russian newspaper’s website Komsomolskaya quoted police as saying the two women were safe and an investigation had been launched. However, the administration has also assured security arrangements.

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