The Wizarding World at Universal Studios Japan will feature new magical creatures

Magical Creatures Encounters at Universal Studios Japan will be available for a limited time, starting March 17, 2023.

During the filming of “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” there will be four new magical Wizarding World creatures in Hogsmeade Village, including the Hippogriff, which Harry first met in the film;

Among the characters in Fantastic Beasts were the Niffler, who hoarded shiny treasures; a Pygmy Puff, who breathed smoke; and a baby dragon with a smoky breath.

Pierre Bohana, the head prop maker from all eight Harry Potter films and the Fantastic Beast films, said, “You can really get up close and personal with the magical creatures in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.” The hippogriff is stunning to watch in every movement.

You are sure to become friends with the Niffler and Pygmy Puff – but take care, or you may get scolded or sulked at. The baby dragon is adorable, but you never know what they will do.

With outstretched wings, a Hippogriff appears, the proud creature with an eagle head and a horse body (just as Harry met in his first Care of Magical Creatures class). With students from all four Hogwarts houses, the new “Hippogriff Magical Lesson” show will teach you how to interact with the proud creature.

A Niffler rummages through mail in front of the Owl Post in search of shiny treasures, a newly hatched baby dragon is secretly carried by a creature trader in front of Hogsmeade Station, and a Pygmy Puff stands in front of Zonko’s Joke Shop in search of shiny treasures.

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