North Korea’s army was celebrated by Kim Jong Un. Will he also display new weapons

kim jong un celebrated north korea's army. will he also display new weapons

Kim Jong Un presided over celebrations marking the establishment of the country’s army in 1948. Observers are watching to see if the North marks the occasion with a military parade and a display of new weapons. In Pyongyang, state media showed Kim at a banquet with medal-bedecked generals.

It was Kim Ju Ae’s fourth reported public appearance with his wife and daughter. Kim praised the Korean People’s Army, founded 75 years ago today, as the strongest in the world. Some observers interpret this message as Kim’s message that nuclear weapons will protect future generations of North Koreans.

In a meeting on Monday, Kim called for more military exercises and combat readiness.

Kim’s nuclear arsenal may embolden him to launch more military provocations against the United States and South Korea, according to some analysts.

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