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Salon fined Rs 2 crore for cutting Indian model’s hair short

Due to the mistake of the , the model stopped receiving advertisements and faced financial problems, an court said

New Delhi: In India, a court has fined Rs 2 crore for cutting the model’s hair incorrectly and shortening it.

According to media, in 2018, a complaint was lodged in the Consumer Court against a salon by a model for cutting her hair in a wrong way, in which the female model said that she has been going to this salon since 2004, this time when she went to the salon. So he asked a hairdresser to cut his hair which he was not satisfied with. Even when I forbade him, the salon said that the work of this hairdresser is better than before so you should cut your hair from him.

The model said in the application that the hairdresser had been cutting my hair for more than an hour and when I asked why it was taking so long, the hairdresser said that I was doing your ‘London haircut’. When I saw the hair, it was not good at all. I complained to the salon and they made my hair worse in the name of treatment. However, now I have lost my self-confidence due to hair and I am also facing financial problems.

According to Indian media, the Consumer Court initiated proceedings on the petition of the female model, the verdict of which was announced in recent days in which the court imposed a fine of Rs 20 million on the salon and said that the female model faced financial problems due to the salon’s mistake. , They stopped getting advertisements and also terminated the contracts of the companies which had contracted the work in the hair advertisement. Besides, the female model has been suffering from trauma for the last 2 years so the salon should pay her Rs 2 crore in 8 weeks.

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