Cancer patients can now extinguish a candle with an ‘eye blow’

Emma Cousins, a 34-year-old British woman, has had her eye removed due to cancer. Photo: Daily Mirror

Sheffield: A British woman has had one eye removed due to cancer, leaving only one hole. With a little effort, this woman can exhale air from the eye area to the candle.

Emma Cousins, 34, suffered from a disease that rarely affects Kessner. She had developed cancer in her left eye, the last solution of which was to have her eye removed. After that, there is a small hole left in the eye socket through which the air from the mouth comes out.

One day her daughter was making bubbles in the lockdown and she also thought that maybe she could do this with her eye hole and surprisingly with a little effort air came out of the eye and the bubbles started to bloom. The children are now amazed to see this scene and they can blow out the candles by blowing their eyes on their birthday.

In early 2018, his eye began to swell, after which he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, mesenchymal chondrosarcoma, and the only treatment was to remove the eye, which was removed after a painful operation. According to the doctors, the fistula had been lingering for 15 years but the woman did not realize it.

He underwent MRI and then biopsy after which the disease was confirmed. According to doctors, this is the first recorded case of the disease in the UK and it cannot be cured with chemotherapy. However, it was very difficult to make your children realize this. However, Emma worked hard and lost her sight after the operation.

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