Producers of Final Fantasy 16 on regaining fans’ trust

final fantasy 16 (1)

However, after a mixed reception to the previous game, the latest release, which launched on Thursday, still needs some work. According to Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida, “Final Fantasy 15’s story wasn’t as well received as past titles, so we needed to regain players’ trust by showing them again that this series is all about storytelling.”

This story, clearly inspired by fantasy shows like Game of Thrones, encourages players to take better care of the environment. It is up to the player to interpret those messages, although, according to Naoki Yoshida: “I think of games as entertainment, and I hope that people can take something away from them through this entertainment.

Despite the fact that Final Fantasy 16 discusses the environment and those issues, what I think it emphasizes most is the darkness in both the world and in the individual. We must accept the darkness in order to move on. “But I’m not in a position to say this is what players should feel, because everyone will take away something different. But if they do, then we feel very proud and happy.”

Nintendo Entertainment System’s first game, released in 1987, has sold around 173 million copies since then.

In this Japanese roleplaying game series (JRPG), each title’s setting is completely separate from the others (although some overlap occurs in places). The Sopranos changed Tony for a new character each season and ditched New Jersey for a new setting. Beloved characters, locations and worlds live and die in one game.

Since role-playing games are competitive at the moment (Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Hogwarts Legacy are this year’s top sellers, for example), Final Fantasy 16 has its work cut out for it to attract players who aren’t already fans.

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