Did “Mere pas tum ho” really left the “Game of Thrones” behind?

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After making several records in Pakistan, the most popular drama”Mere pas tum ho” also broken the record of the most popular drama series “Game of Thrones” worldwide.

The drama serial “Mere pas tum ho” is making a new record with each episode. Every week, people eagerly wait for the next episode of the play. While with each new episode the play is setting a new record of TRP (Television Rating Point), surpassing other dramas. The storm is over.

According to Google, the drama serial “Mere pas tum ho” has surpassed IMDb (Internet Movie Database), the most popular TV series “Game of Thrones” worldwide. But is it really true? ۔

IMDb is an online database, statistics and ranking website that publishes statistics and ratings of movies, plays, videos and games from around the world. All the audience regard it.

According to the search engine Google, DramaSerial’s “Mere pas tum ho” rating is 9.9 out of 10 on IMDb. And 9.4 out of 10 on Game of Thrones.

mere pas tum ho
PC: Express news
game of thrones
PC: Express news

Unlike Google, however, the drama serial “Mere pas tum ho” rating on IMDb’s website is getting 7.7 instead of 9.9.

imdb, mere pas tum ho
PC: Express news

It is important to note that the IMDB rating system is subject to each individual vote cast by its registered users. 

So far 17 episodes of the drama serial “Mere pas tum ho” have aired. And each episode has received great responses from viewers.

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