Complete 9000 km long skate trip to save the bees

Zack Schubotter has traveled 9,000 kilometers across Canada to save the bees. Photo: File

Canada: We know that bees help us to get food by spreading crops and flower buds from one place to another. But now, especially in Western countries, flies are becoming increasingly extinct, and to highlight their importance, a Canadian man embarked on a 9,000-kilometer journey on wheeled shoes, which has recently come to an end.

Canada’s Zac Schubotter wants to save the bees in his heart and has traveled all over Canada to raise awareness of his purpose and raise some money, after which he has set a Guinness Book of World Records. Zack began his journey from British Columbia on May 25 this year and arrived in the Newfoundland area this Monday (August 23), covering a distance of 6,271 miles (9,000 km).

He has launched a campaign called Bleeding for Bays to attract people to bee protection. During this time he also taught people about the survival of bees in a changing climate and also collected donations to save them. He also wanted to be the world’s longest-running roller-skater. In this way, he has broken the record of Peterboglin of Germany, which was set in 1986, by covering a total distance of 9000 km.

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