The bride and groom fined the guests for not attending the wedding

I am very angry with these guests for not attending the ceremony because they did not join our joy, the bridegroom – Photo: NYPOST

Chicago: Of course, you will be surprised to know that the newlyweds have asked the guests who did not attend the wedding to pay for the ceremony.

The newlyweds from Chicago, Illinois, USA, have demanded money from the guests who did not come despite promising to attend the wedding.

The groom posted a 24 240 bill of expenses for the event on his Facebook account and addressed the non-attending guests, saying, “Don’t be upset to see this bill of expenses, I’ll send it to you via email I will do so so that you do not give the excuse that we did not receive it.

The bill states that the bill is being sent to you because you promised to attend the ceremony. The amount in the bill is for the seats to be vacated for you because you did not report not to attend the event. This amount is due to you, you can pay via Zelle or PayPal.

Speaking to the New York Post, the groom said, “My wife and I are very upset that these guests did not attend the ceremony because they did not share in our happiness, which is why we had to take this step.”

The groom said that he had assured us several times to attend the function on which we had made arrangements, now he would have to bear the expenses.

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