‘Stranger Things’ actor. Loses $10,000, divorces husband

An American woman’s year-long fantasy of being in a romantic connection with Dacre Montgomery, who portrays Billy in the Netflix series Stranger Things, has come to light. In a recent YouTube video, the woman described how she paid thousands of dollars to the fraudster and even divorced her husband in order to be with him.

McKala, a single mother from Kentucky, fell victim to a scammer who posed as the actor on an online art forum dedicated to artists of various kinds. They began communicating through text messages, and over time, McKala developed feelings for the imposter.

After a year, the scammer even asked McKala out on a date. He claimed to be in a strained partnership with his real-life partner, Liv Pollock, alleging that she controlled his actions and finances. To make matters more convincing, he stated that they were still together publicly for appearances, even though they had broken up six months prior.

McKala’s faith

“But you have to be quiet because, you know, I’m ‘Stranger Things’ still with Liv (Pollock, his real-life partner)’,” the 28-year-old explained in the video posted on the YouTube channel Catfished. A channel that exposes people who pretend to be someone else on social media and protects them from scammers

The con man even had her pick between him and her spouse. She eventually chose to divorce her spouse.

As time passed without any face-to-face encounters, McKala began to have reservations about the authenticity of her connection. She ultimately contacted the YouTube channel and discovered that she had been the victim of a fraud. When confronted with this unpleasant truth, she severed

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