The 5 best 32-inch TV: Get a second screen for less

32 inch tv

You can get the best 32-inch TV deals at a great price. Whether you need a small TV for your bedroom or want to mirror your phone with a second screen, these deals are the best!

When you’re looking for a small TV, sometimes 32-inch TVs are just what you need. If you’re outfitting a dorm room, office, workout space, or spare bedroom, a small TV will fit perfectly atop a dresser or mounted in a cozy area. Best of all, you can get a smart model for under $200.

32-inch Smart TVs come with built-in apps, like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. There is an abundance of choices for these models–so it’s hard to find a model that isn’t smart, which means you get the best features even if your TV is not. We compare the prices from the best vendors to give you a list of deals on 32-inch Smart TVs.

1. Insignia 32-inch Class F20 Series Smart HD 720p Fire TV

insignia 32 inch

This 32-inch TV is a 720p resolution. It will be great for watching all your favorite HBO shows or HD movies. The Fire TV software has the Alexa experience built in. You can ask Alexa to find your favorite TV shows and programs, or use the remote to find them on your own.

It offers its partners connections for gaming consoles, speakers, and more so that you can get a great picture no matter what you’re watching or playing.

2. TCL – 32″ Class 3-Series HD Smart Android TV

tcl class 3 series

The TCL television is great for those who need a TV that still looks good in a small space, like a dorm or kitchen. It’s 720p and has built-in Chromecast technology. The device has voice-activated remote features, making it simple to quickly find and watch the content you want.

3. Toshiba 32-inch Class V35 Series LED HD Smart Fire TV

toshiba 32 inch class v35

This Toshiba LED TV has an easy-to-navigate home screen and comes with preloaded apps for other streamers. The 32-inch HD Smart TV is great for Amazon Prime Video users. The Alexa voice integration, Amazon Prime Video, and home internet connection are included in the model.

This is the lowest price on this model we’ve seen so far.

4. RCA 32-inch Class HD 720P Roku Smart LED TV


This 32-inch model is currently being sold at a discount at Walmart which is cheaper than the other stores. Roku is a great fit for people who have previously used Roku boxes or streaming sticks. However, it’s also easy to use even if you’re new to Roku.

This Roku TV can connect to your cable box and your favorite apps so that you can always watch what you want. Your home screen options are a familiar Roku screen and other options that you decide on.

5. Samsung 32-inch Smart HD LED TV

Samsung 32-inch

If you want a 4k television, the Samsung TV is the best. There are not many 4k television sets of this size. If you want to connect a streaming device, the best option is a 32-inch monitor with the same upscaling quality.

The results from the 32-inch model are also found in the 55-inch model. It comes with Tizen OS, and even though it’s considered a lesser version of the OS found on higher-end Samsung TVs, it is still easy to use, and the menu navigation is very smooth. The remote has a built-in mic, so you can ask it to open up your favorite apps, even if TV speakers are normally not good. However, even with the remote’s average speaker quality, these speakers are utterly disappointing and do not provide enough sound.

What to keep in mind when choosing a 32-inch TV?

The process of buying a TV can be confusing. It is important to remember that there are many different types of technologies and all are referred to by different names. But, don’t worry, the experts here at TechRadar tell you what to look for in a 32-inch TV so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your needs.

Ports and inputs

First, when buying a TV it is essential to verify whether or not the display has all the ports you need. This is an important thing to consider, but one that many people fail to consider before until after they’ve made their decision on a particular television.

If a device (Nintendo Switch, DVD/Blu-ray players, PC) requires HDMI input, then it will need input like a component or composite video; if a legacy device (Wii, game consoles) requires an older type of video input, then it needs either VGA or DVI inputs.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X both need the newer, higher-performance HDMI 2.1 ports to work with a smaller television. If you’re buying a new TV, make sure it has an updated connector before you buy anything.

When you want to connect a lot of devices, it can be difficult to find a TV that has enough ports for everything. It’s better to set a budget and buy one that is within your budget.

The right kind of panel

Varieties of LCD panel technology exist in IPS and VA. IPS panels offer slightly wider viewing angles, while VA panels support much better contrast.

Big screen TVs are used for watching movies in many different ways. For example, sometimes with the lights dimmed and smaller screens that may have poor contrast, they become a lot more difficult to watch darker parts of the movie because they’ll appear to be washed out.

In spite of this, some people think IPS screens don’t show enough detail in dark scenes so if you’re looking for a 32-inch TV that will look good in dark environments, then you should get a VA panel.

IPS panels do not show contrast issues when used in bright rooms such as conservatories or kitchens and the only advantage IPS panels may have is being better to watch while one is walking around.

Sound Quality

There are many TVs that don’t sound good. To know what you’re really buying, make sure to try it out before purchasing.

When it comes to TV speakers, there is one thing you can do: look for rated speaker output specifications (even though these are notoriously unreliable) and clues in a TV’s design. In our pick of the best 32-inch TVs for the UK above, the Sharp 1T has enough space on the rear to let air flow around so it doesn’t produce standing waves or hinder sound quality.

Final Verdict

If a person is looking for the best 32-inch TVs to buy, we provide them with a list of those that are affordable and widely available. It might be worth considering if smaller, less expensive displays would work for you. Once your screen is below 32 inches, you’re moving into a monitor or even smart display territory.

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