Get Star Wars sticker now in Facebook Messenger

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You can now show visual effects and stickers for Star Wars background backgrounds during a call on Facebook Messenger to friends. It has been released and can now be used.

The new movie, The Rise of Sky Walker, from the famous movie series Star Wars, is being released next week, with Facebook adding IR effects to surprise Messenger Star Wars fans in the form of video calls. Become part of Messenger stores. You can also post them to Facebook Stories, then save the store and share it on Instagram.

star war chat

The exciting AR effects of the Star Wars movie will surprise viewers. One such visual effect is the light speed effect in which you find yourself floating in galaxies. On the other hand, is the cockpit effect in which you appear wearing a helmet on a spacecraft. This way you can add Dark and Light effects as well.

Facebook has also created a new emoji, stickers and star-filled background on the film’s release which can be added to the message thread. Disney has also played a part in the preparation of all these effects. Star Wars chat theme is becoming very popular in Western countries.

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