The phone number used in the TV series “Squid Game” was bid

The number shown in the movie series called Squid Game turned out to be real and its price has also gone up. Photo: Screenshot Squad Game

South Korea: A Korean man was shocked when the popular Netflix series “Squid Game” Someone misinterpreted his number but it turned out to be real and now he is receiving thousands of calls daily which has reached four thousand daily.

In Korea, a series of children’s competitions called ‘Squid Game’ is currently becoming very popular. However, the children’s game has been turned into a scary game like ‘Kill or Die’ in which the winner will get چار 15 million.

The game, based on survival and annihilation, featured a number that viewers noticed and started calling, and now a presidential candidate in South Korea has put a price on it and said he can use the phone number 85 Ready to pay a thousand dollars.

According to the showbiz website Variety, ‘Squid Game’ is currently becoming very popular on the world charts. Dozens of participants go through many stages and die. The person who reaches the last place becomes entitled to five and a half billion Pakistani rupees. However, this is a film series based on a fictional game and not a real game show.

In the first installment, the contestants are given eight-digit cards. One of the numbers is shown in the film, which is unconsciously of an unknown person in the province of Chengai in South Korea. He said that this is his number which has become so popular from the movie of the game series that now he receives thousands of calls daily.

Afterwards, Ho Kyung-yong, the honorary head of South Korea’s National Revolutionary Party, expressed interest in buying the number on Facebook, saying he was ready to give her 100 million Korean won, which is about ہزار 85,000. ۔

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