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4 tips to pick a sweet Watermelon

Most of the time, when you buy a watermelon, you will guess its sweetness by looking at the piece of…

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How to Say Thank you to Coronavirus Helpers

As Corona Virus continues to impact people’s lives around the world. communities are coming together to help each other now…

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The world’s most expensive lemons, priced at $270 per kg

if you want to read the details of the world’s most expensive lemons here you are. There is also a…

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What Is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? How Can You Protect Yourself?

As cases of coronavirus continue climbing, scientists have been scrambling to control the virus and find new ways to fight…

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A few minutes of intense exercise can protect against heart disease and cancer

Men and especially women, if exercised for a few minutes, reduce the risk of dying from heart diseases, cancer, and…

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