Mehwish Hayat desperate to tape a bitter ground to the wall

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Two days ago a banana was eaten by an artist offered for sale at an art museum in the US state of California. And the potential value of the banana was reported at $ 100,000 to $ 1.5 million.

The organizers hoped that the banana offered for sale in the Art Museum would be sold for $ 1.5 million, which is Pakistani for Rs.2.5 million. Since before the banana was sold in the same museum for around Rs. 2.5 million. Were done

The three bananas offered for sale in the Art Museum were from the Italian-American artist Maurizio Catelyn, who after many years of thinking, presented the nail to the museum.

The Italian-born artist bought three fresh bananas from the fruit shop and pasted them on the wall of the museum. Then priced them from $ 100,000 to $ 1.5 million, and two bananas were sold by hand.

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However, just before the third banana was sold, the American comedian David Douta arrived at the Art Museum and eat it.

He also released a banana food video on social media and later refused to apologize for the move.

Comedian David Douta, who ate bananas, said he actually ate the idea of ​​an Italian-born artist, not a banana, which was delicious.

According to the comedian, as the Italian native conceived the idea for several months by creating a great idea and sticking it to the banana wall with tape.

Likewise, he also arrived at the art museum and ate the banana using his art. So he does not have to apologize for his actions.

The world was shocked by the sale of millions of rupees of common banana. There is a good debate on the matter on social media.

Meanwhile, Pakistani actress Mahesh Hayat has expressed her desire while commenting on the issue.

Actress Mahesh Hayat commented in a tweet about a banana that sold for $ 100,000 in bananas. And said that after the matter, she too was planning to become an artist.

Mahesh Hayat wrote in a short tweet that she herself loves art. But nowadays things that are considered art are unable to understand

At the same time, she expressed her desire that after selling the banana record at the US Museum. As a result of this, she too was thinking of becoming an artist. And with the help of tape, she would hang the Karella on the wall, not the banana.

Mahesh Hayat said that when a banana pasted on the wall with the help of tape can be sold for one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. So think of how much Karela will sell and of course, it will sell for a good price.

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