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Government fires ‘government magician’!

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His real name is Ian Brackenbury but his name on the ID card is ‘The Wizard’. (Photo: Internet)

Christ Church: Christchurch City Council in New Zealand has fired the city’s only official magician who has been entertaining people on the city’s streets for almost 35 years.

According to the details, the magician’s real name is Ian Brackenbury, but his name is ‘The Wizard’ written on his ID card and driving license.

He was hired by Christchurch City Council in the 1980s as an “official magician” and was tasked with entertaining tourists by performing interesting magic tricks so that they could remember and enjoy the city tour. Keep coming back

In 2020, the official magician’s annual salary was NZ 16 16,000 (PKR 2 million), while throughout his career he has received a total of N 36 368,000 (PKR 46 million) from Christchurch City Council.

The city council said in a statement that the decision was “very difficult” but that today the city’s destinations and tourist attractions have changed so much that they now need the services of a “government magician”. no.

Locals in Christchurch have expressed regret over the decision, but no one has opposed it.

Wizard, on the other hand, says he has no regrets about losing his job and will continue to please people with his magic tricks without a government job.

“The world is getting more serious every day,” said the magician, “and the most important thing in the world at a time like this is nothing but entertainment.”

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