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    Jurassic Park

    Generally, the genres of film include comedy, romance, action, thriller, horror, drama, fiction, science fiction and fantasy. Likes and dislikes vary.

    Some movies are very popular among children and for adults they are nothing but an annoyance but there are very few films in the history of the film world which have made children and adults addicted to them at the same time. One such film is Jurassic Park. The Hollywood sci-fi action movie hit American theaters in 1993 and then spread around the world.

    The film was so successful that the production company moved it into a series and so far 5 films of this series have come out while the sixth is going to be released next year. According to various reports, the five films of the Jurassic Park series have grossed close to 5 5 billion at the box office so far, while their budget was only around 9 549 million. However, here we are referring to the first film of the Jurassic Park series and provide our readers with information about the interesting facts behind its screen.

    The first film in the Jurassic Park series had a budget of 63 63 million and grossed over 1. 1.6 billion. The film, which has garnered worldwide acclaim, has bagged major accolades in the film world with money and fame, including 3 Oscars, one Bombay, the Award of the Japanese Academy, BAFTA, People’s Choice and 4 Saturn Awards. Significantly included. The film was added to the National Film Registry in 2018 by the Library of Congress America.

    The magic of the Jurassic Park movie was so great that many books and novels were written on it, including cartoons, video games, theme parks and live theaters. The Jurassic Park film series began under the direction of renowned American director Steven Spielberg and produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Gerald R-Mullen. In 1989, Steven Spielberg was working on a television ER.

    Where he met American writer and filmmaker Michael Crichton and during that meeting Steven learned about Michael’s unpublished story, called “Jurassic Park”, and Steven Spielberg liked the story so much that He immediately told Universal Pictures, a well-known production company, on which Universal Pictures relied on Steven Spielberg to buy the rights to Jurassic Park from Michael Cricket for ڈی 1.5 million, as well as the story for the first film. Provided ڈالر 500,000 more to use.

    Surprisingly, stories are usually made into films based on stories hidden in books, but in the case of Jurassic Park, the opposite happened and the film was first made on this story and then it was published.

    Before the release of Jurassic Park, hardly anyone knew what dinosaurs looked like, so Steven Spielberg hired two archaeologists, including Jack Horner, to portray the dinosaurs in the film. Robert T. Baker, on the other hand, provided animators with information about the dinosaur’s movements, but despite all the hard work, critics believe that Steven Spielberg played the dinosaur in the film. Couldn’t present well.

    The lead role of Dr. Alan Grant was originally to be given to the famous American actor Harrison Ford, but he turned down the offer. But the film’s producer liked Jeff Goldblum for the role, then the role of Dr. John Hammond was first given to James Bond Sean Connery but he turned down the offer, which led to the role being played by an actor. Given to Richard Attenborough, who retired from acting 15 years ago.

    The role of Dr. Eli Settler was initially given to big names like Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Murray, but eventually the role was given to Laura Darren, as well as director Steven Spielberg to Indian actress Sri Devi, according to some reports. He wanted to be included in the cast of the film but Sri Devi did not take advantage of the offer, which he must have regretted.

    When it comes to children’s roles in the film, American actress and artist Ariana Richards was first invited to audition for the role of Lex Murphy and when asked to shout, she shouted as if director Steven Spielberg Joseph Mazzello, who plays Tim Murphy, went to audition for a 1991 film by director Steven Spielberg, but failed at the time, but was immediately cast in the Jurassic Park film.

    Director Steven Spielberg initially wanted to show robotic dinosaurs in the film, but making so many robotic divers was a very expensive task, so the work was done with animation. Despite the many CGI (computer-generated imagery) scenes in Jurassic Park, a number of electronic puppets were also used to bring some scenes closer to reality, for which director Steven Spielberg hired visual effects artist Stan Winston. Contacted and Stan Winston’s company made many puppets for Jurassic Park, including the notable Tyrannosaurus rex puppet.

    All parts of this Tyrannosaurus rex were made separately and operated separately. It is worth mentioning here that Tyrannosaurus rex used to lose its balance due to rain and water, which also caused an incident during the shooting of the film. In one of the scenes in the film, when Tim and Lex drive because the windshield of the jeep is broken, this scene is not only in the movie, but because of the imbalance of the Tyrannosaurus rex, Tim and Lex became very scared and started driving.

    How dinosaurs lived 65 million years ago or how they sounded can be estimated, but no one can say for sure what dinosaurs sounded, so director Steven Spielberg was asked. It was very convenient and they created a new sound by mixing the sounds of several animals, including leopards, crocodiles, elephants, monkeys, snakes and frogs.

    The Jurassic Park logo appears throughout the film, which is also a symbol of the production company, the franchise. Was taken from Following the huge success of the 1993 film Jurassic Park, Universal Studios paid Michael Cricket to write a sequel to his first book, Jurassic Park. Didn’t write sequels until then.

    However, director Steven Spielberg began modeling The Lost World, a 1925 sequel to Jurassic Park, and the title of the second film in the Jurassic Park series was to be The Lost World. The story was written, which led Steven Spielberg to combine Jurassic Park’s next film with a new story and the film The Lost World.

    Now if luck is on our side, let us tell you another interesting thing that the famous Bollywood actor Irfan Khan (late) who played the role of Simon Mesrani in Jurassic Park 4, said in an interview that when 1993 When the Jurassic Park movie was released, they didn’t even have enough money to buy a cinema ticket, but then came the time when they themselves became part of the movie.

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