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    Interesting assumptions and facts about left-handed people

    In the old days, left-handed workers were considered devils. Photo: File

    Every person in the world has his own individual status and this uniqueness creates diversity which is the beauty of life.

    Most people around us have a sense of oneness, but some people are naturally born with individuality, which makes it easy to see that they are different. You may have seen the majority use their right hand to write and work. Surprisingly, the statistics tell us that only ten percent of the world’s population consists of people who work with their left hand.

    There are some interesting stories about left-handed people. In the old days they were considered a symbol of evil and the ancient Greeks used to call them by names like monster and witch. Hypothetical assumptions are found in people’s minds and some of them even point to facts, so let us tell you about them.

    Left-handed people are known to have more creativity than right-handed people. It is true that people with creativity have similarities, but not similarities to left-handedness. It’s an assumption that left-handed people are more creative, which has been going on for a long time.

    A 1995 study found that left-handed men think more creatively in difficult situations, but found no difference between right-handed and left-handed women. In an interview with a scientific journal, the well-known psychologist said that when you observe creativity in the true sense of the word, there is no concrete evidence that it is attributed to left-handed people.

    You may have heard that left-handed people have leadership skills. And some people insist on proving this nonsense to be true because there are some examples of this, such as the former Twelve of America. Six of the presidents were left-handed, but there is no scientific evidence. The main reasons are actually linked to leaders and their historical status. Psychologists believe that one of the reasons may be that they are successful It is an attempt to falsify the use of their hands.

    Intelligence is no one’s legacy. It is a gift of the Creator to give to whomever He wills, but some fabricated stories are also attributed to it. As people think left-handed people are more intelligent, which is completely wrong in the eyes of experts.

    A study conducted in the seventies observed 7,000 school-going children and found no difference in the abilities of right and left-handed workers, although left-handed people think differently because The world is not a very friendly place for them, utensils, scissors and various everyday items are easy to use for the right hand but not for the left. So, they would only resort to this as a last resort to get things done.

    Enjoy yourself
    Another interesting hypothesis is that left-handed people prefer to be more self-absorbed than right-handed people. On examination, there was no obvious difference between the two. This outdated claim is more baseless than left-handed people prefer to enjoy themselves.

    Just as right-handed people use the left side of their minds to understand different things, such as language, people think left-handed people are the opposite of this and they use the right side of their mind. Research has shown that right-handers use 98% of the left side of their minds, while 70% of left-handers do the same. No part of the brain is specific to either.

    There is also the idea that left-handed babies are born when mothers are more stressed during pregnancy. Scientists are still struggling to figure out why people prefer one over the other. Research shows that stress during pregnancy and maternal age play a role in this, such as genes, spinal cord and social stress.

    Are left-handed people always sick?

    Facts: Sleep
    Left-handed people are also more likely to have trouble sleeping. A small-scale study looked at sleep and related problems in right and left hand users. And it is known that left-handed people have 94% sleep problems while right-handed people have 69% sleep problems.

    Mental illness
    You may have heard that left-handed people are more likely to suffer from mental illness than right-handed people. One study found that people with mental disorders, such as mood disorders, People with depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are usually left-handed.

    The researchers looked at groups of people who came to various clinics for psychiatric problems, and 40% of those with schizophrenia were left-handed. However, researchers are still keen to find out more.

    Twins are mostly left-handed. One study found that twins and lizards are left-handed

    Left-handers are fast in sports, especially tennis and baseball.

    They can get skin diseases.
    Can work in all directions.

    Regardless of all this, the important thing is that whether one works with the right hand or with the left hand, he is the creation of Allah. And the Creator perfects His creation. Rewards everyone with some specialty. Man, we should respect each other. Because the beauty of the universe is maintained by change!

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