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Sindh administration developed Google Maps & gave it to Google, alleges Sindh’s IT Minister.

Apparently, the Sindh administration was back the development of Google Maps and its traffic display system, rather than the MIT/Harvard…

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Donald Trump’s decision to launch a new social media platform

Former President Donald Trump is returning to social media soon and this time it will be on his own social…

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Facebook has introduced new tools to enhance live streaming

San Francisco:The backdrop of the Coronavirus is interconnected online while living in large populations around the world, and live streaming…

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Damage of Global cable service interrupted internet service in-country

Internet service is on the verge of collapse due to a defect in the World Submarine Cable (AAE One). PTCL…

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Vivo V7 is presented for sale in Pakistan

Vivo’s new Phone V17 has been offered for sale in Pakistan, which was previously available in pre-order. This is a…

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Get Star Wars sticker now in Facebook Messenger

You can now show visual effects and stickers for Star Wars background backgrounds during a call on Facebook Messenger to…

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‘Crisis Response’ feature added to WhatsApp after Facebook

Facebook introduced Crisis Response to Report on Terrorism, Disaster, and Accident, in which people from 80 countries exchanged their well-being,…

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Now add your photos to Snap Chat Gifs

An exciting feature from SnapChat will be revealed in just one week, where users can add their faces to any…

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