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Lie in bed and watch movies and earn Rs 58 lakh annually!

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The incumbent will have to spend 37.5 hours a week alone in bed watching movies. (Photo: Internet)

London: If you want to stay in bed all day watching movies and earn good money, this is a rare opportunity for you.

Craft Beds, a British company that makes expensive and comfortable mattresses, has announced that it needs someone to test its mattresses, resting on the company’s mattresses all day and watching movies.

The man will receive ہزار 24,000 (approximately PKR 5.8 million) a year as compensation.

The company has dubbed the position the ‘Mattress Tester’. The incumbent will have to spend 37.5 hours a week alone in bed, while also watching movies on Netflix.

The duration of work five days a week is 7.5 hours a day.

The method is that at the beginning of each week, the Mattress Tester will be given a new mattress by the company, along with a survey form containing many questions about the same mattress.

After spending the whole week in bed, the Mattress Tester will have to fill out this form and return it, and will be given a new ass for next week.

On the ‘Crafted Beds’ website Announcement in this regard I have been told that the company wants to ensure the best quality of its mattresses and this new position has been created for the same purpose.

The applicant must be over 18 years of age and reside in the UK as well as be a British citizen.

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