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Sleep bus service launched in Hong Kong

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A five-hour bus service has been introduced in Hong Kong with the specific purpose of getting passengers to sleep. Photo: NPR

Hong Kong: A bus service has been launched in Hong Kong in which people can travel up to 47 miles in a sitting position, but this bus will not go anywhere but will turn around and come back.

In this regard, a Hong Kong company Olu Tours has launched a bus service. According to the company, there are some people who are very disturbed by the rapid pace of urban life and also disturbed by insomnia at night. Long distance quiet bus service has been started for these people. According to the company, their customers say that they fall asleep on the long bus journey and that is why they want to try the bus sleep.

Tickets range in price from 15 15 to 51 51, with seats upstairs and downstairs. Passengers can bring their own luggage, including ear plugs and sunglasses to reduce noise. The bus runs on a quiet road for five hours.

When the company launched its service last week, all its tickets sold out.

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