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Humane begging cat becomes social media star!

The spreads its front paws like a beggar’s palm to ask for food from a human. (Photo: Social )

Cincinnati: It is not uncommon for cats to come close and meow to see someone eating. But this American cat, Wadsworth, sits on its hind legs and spreads its front paws as if a beggar.

The cat, nicknamed Wadsworth, Wade and Wades, is the pet of Natasha and Andrew Closterman, a couple living in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, who also have five other cats.

However, Wadsworth’s actions impressed the couple so much that they took to Instagram Waddywaves He also created a regular account in the name of

It looks like this account was created by Wadsworth himself to keep other social users informed about his activities. But in fact, this is the pair behind this account.

So far, 210 posts have been posted on Wadsworth’s Instagram account, with more than 19,000 followers.

In other words, she has become not only a pet cat but also a social media who in most of her pictures is seen asking for something from her owners or resting somewhere.

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