It’s not a glass mask, it’s a sunglasses!

Those who wear these sunglasses do not need to apply face protection from ultraviolet rays. (Photos: Miscellaneous websites)

Tokyo: A Japanese company has developed a large sun protection goggle that covers the entire face like a mask. It costs ڈالر 18, or about 3,000 Pakistani rupees.

The fashion for sunglasses is very old. Some special substances are added to these glasses to give them a darker color and to reflect the sun.

The Japanese company ZGHYBD has made these goggles from a specially strong “polycarbonate” plastic that is so large that it covers the sun, covering not only the eyes but the whole face. Protects from light and the ultraviolet rays contained in it.

These weird sunglasses are 16.5 cm long and 14.2 cm wide.

They are so strong that they can easily withstand intense heat and intense pressure.

Steam cannot accumulate on the surface of these sunglasses and obscure them, while sand and dust in strong gusts of wind cannot spoil them.

Water droplets, splashes, spray sprays, dust, oil and smoke cannot accumulate on their surface.

The Japanese company that makes these sunglasses says that the wearer does not need to apply any cream to protect the face from sunblock or ultraviolet rays as the sunglasses do the work themselves.

This weird sunglasses is also very useful for celebrities because the wearer’s face is completely hidden and they are not in danger of being recognized. That way they can move around freely.

With all these “features”, these sunglasses are available for sale on the Amazon Japan website.

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