This bird can also make a baby cry

The zoo staff was surprised to see the bird screaming like a human baby. (Photo: Social Media / Internet)

Sydney: It is generally believed that only parrots can mimic the human voice, but a bird housed in Australia’s “Tarunga Zoo” can make many more sounds, including the cry of a newborn baby.

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo has been closed to the public for the past several months due to the Corona epidemic, but zoo staff are on duty to care for the animals and birds there.

The same zoo also has an Australian bird called “Superb Lairbird” whose scientific name is Menura novaehollandiae.

It has an amazing ability to learn from its environment and to imitate others, which it often demonstrates.

A few days ago, the staff of the Taronga Zoo were surprised to see that the bird was screaming like a human baby.

A crew member immediately filmed the scene with his smartphone camera, which was also shared on the zoo’s official Twitter account.

So far, the video has been viewed by nearly half a million social media users and has received hundreds of comments.

The sound of the superb lairbird in the video is so similar to the sound of a human baby crying that a Twitter user even wrote that “mothers will go out to look for their babies when they hear this sound.”

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