£10 billion jewelry raid from Tamara Ecclestone house

A £ 10 billion worth of jewelry was stolen at the home of . The daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the former model of the UK’s famous model and renowned Formula One group.

According to The Sun’s report, the thieves fled with more than Rs 10 billion worth of jewelry in their house in the absence of the model.

Model Tamara was celebrating Christmas holidays outside the country on the occasion.

Her spokesman confirmed the news in his statement, saying that the rings, bracelets, and earrings worth billions of rupees have been stolen.

Particularly, Tamara’s father gave this jewelry to her at the wedding.

According to the report, the private security of his house is cooperating with the police. Although the model and her family are in a state of anger.

Tamara bought her 55-room house for Rs 9 billion. Which is located in Ken Sandton. Also, This place is the most expensive.

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