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Stupid thief arrested for snatching phone from journalist in live stream

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During a live stream in Egypt, the thief snatched the journalist’s phone and showed his face to thousands of people. Photo: BBC

Cairo: The world’s most stupid thief was arrested in Cairo for his stupidity when he snatched a phone from a journalist who was broadcasting live video from his smartphone and hastily broadcast his form.

The video of this stupid thief was watched live by thousands of people at that time and he was arrested.

A journalist named Mohammad Rajab was live-streaming a news website called Yum Seven which was being aired on social media. Suddenly a man came on a motorcycle and snatched the phone from the journalist’s hand. Meanwhile, his form was also broadcast on the phone in which he was seen smoking.

Police arrested the thief after the video. According to the details, the incident took place in the Egyptian city of Shebra Al Khaimah where the tremors were felt. Muhammad Rajab was reporting live on a bridge when the thief took the opportunity to snatch his phone.

Meanwhile, the live transmission shook the phone and suddenly a video of a young man who was the thief who snatched the phone appeared. Interestingly, many citizens in the live stream on Facebook also recognized it because 20,000 people were watching it at that time. Some people said that this incident was also very funny.

Then this video went very viral on which 45,000 people have also given their opinion. Police caught the thief in 24 hours, claiming to be unemployed, and confessed to selling the stolen phone to a businessman.

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