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    A 70-year-old woman has given birth in India

    It is a miracle for a woman at this age to give birth to a child without any complications, Dr.

    New Delhi: In the Indian state of Gujarat, a 70-year-old woman surprised everyone by giving birth to a child.

    An in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure gave birth to a baby at a woman in Bhoj area of ​​Gujarat.

    Talking to media, the woman’s doctor Naresh Bhanushali said that although she has helped in over one thousand delivery cases through artificial insemination (IVF), at this age the woman gave birth to a child without any complications. Giving is a miracle, at first I was hesitant to take up the case because of the woman’s old age and weakness, but both husband and wife wanted a lot of children and for years they were longing for children, so we Decided to help them.

    The doctor said that both the mother and the child are well and under constant supervision. Both the husband and wife are very happy to have children at this age. The child is also healthy.

    These in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures usually start the reproductive process of artificial insemination in the laboratory. This method is also called test tube baby. It should be noted that a 70-year-old woman in the state of Haryana has given birth to a son in India before.

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