The young man, who lost his legs, set a record for the fastest race on his hands

Zion Clarke accepted the challenge of losing her legs and decided to do what a normal human being could do. (Photo: Guinness World Records)

Ohio: Lean American Zion Clarke set a new world record by covering the distance of 20 meters on his hands in just 4.78 seconds.

The Guinness Book of World Records has now been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, set for February 15 this year in Massellon, Ohio, and is part of its forthcoming annual Guinness Book of World Records 2022.

Zion Clark, 24, is born without legs, which is why the woman who gave birth to him refused to raise him and left him in hospital.

He grew up as a foster child from one house to another and from one house to another until the age of 16 and faced all kinds of difficulties, humiliation and trouble.

In 2013, a woman named Kimberly Hawkins adopted Zion as her son forever.

Zion says that losing his legs was the biggest challenge of his life and he did everything that a normal person with legs can do to fulfill it.

He acted, did bodybuilding, mastered wrestling and showed the world that he has the ability to do everything that a normal human being can do.

In addition to her Instagram and TikTak accounts, she has set up a personal website to encourage others. Netflix has also made a short documentary on Zion’s life.

He has also written a book about himself, Zion: Unmatched, in collaboration with an American author.

To show off his skills in a new way, during the Code 19 epidemic last year, Zion began practicing hand-to-hand running. And finally, a year later, he set a world record for the fastest race by hand.

He is now preparing to compete in the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, where he plans to win a gold medal and set a new world record.

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