‘Frozen’ star cracks up at Adam Sandler’s SNL role

'Frozen' star cracks up at Adam Sandler's SNL role

Hold onto your funny bones, folks! It’s not every day that two comedic powerhouses come together to recreate one of the most iconic comedy skits in history. In a hilarious turn of events, “Frozen” star Josh Gad left Adam Sandler in fits of laughter while recreating Sandler’s famous “Opera Man” character from “Saturday Night Live.” Get ready for some serious giggles as we dive into this side-splitting encounter between two beloved comedians. 

In a recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Adam Sandler and Josh Gad talked about their new film, “Pixels.” The two also discussed their previous work together on the hit animated film, “Frozen.”

Gad said that he was excited to reunite with Sandler for the new film. He joked that it was “like getting the band back together again.” The two laughed as they recalled their time working on “Frozen.”

Sandler said that Gad is an “amazing talent” and praised his work in the film. He also said that it was great to see Gad again and that he is looking forward to working with him more in the future.

Sandler revisits famous ‘SNL’ character

Sandler revisits famous ‘SNL’ character:

In a recent interview, Adam Sandler spoke about how he enjoyed revisiting one of his famous Saturday Night Live characters. The character in question is “Opera Man”, a popular sketch from the early 1990s.

When asked about why he decided to bring the character back, Sandler said that he just missed doing the voice and impersonating Opera Man’s catchphrases. He also joked that he wanted to see if he could still fit into the costume.

Fans of Sandler and SNL will no doubt be pleased to see him bringing back one of his most beloved characters. It’s always great to see comedy legends like Sandler still having fun with their craft.

We all know that Adam Sandler is a hilarious guy, but it turns out that even he can’t help cracking up sometimes! While filming a scene for his upcoming movie ‘Frozen,’ Gad cracked up while recreating a famous ‘SNL’ skit.

The skit in question is the one where Sandler’s character tries to teach a group of kids how to sing the alphabet. Gad was clearly having a blast filming the scene, and at one point he even had to put his hand over his mouth to stifle his laughter.

It’s great to see that even celebrities like Gad can’t help but crack up at Adam Sandler’s antics!

The two have great chemistry

When it comes to comedic timing, Adam Sandler and Kristen Bell have it in spades. The two stars had the audience cracking up during their recent appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where they recreated Sandler’s iconic “Saturday Night Live” character, Opera Man.

Bell was a perfect foil for Sandler’s zany antics, and the two had great chemistry throughout the skit. Their comedic timing was impeccable, and they had the audience laughing from start to finish. It’s clear that these two are natural-born comedians and have a great rapport with each other.

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