‘Sui fish’ with pointed beak and flying missile

The beak-like mouth of a needlefish often injures fishermen. Photo: File

Indonesia: This strange creature, which travels thin and very fast, is also called ‘needle fish’ or needle fish. This is because the mouth is very pointed and long, which can be fatal if bitten by a human.

Another aspect of the beak-like needle fish is that it swims very fast and can harm humans. In many parts of the world, people have been injured, but the death toll is very low.

This fish floats in shallower waters, and if human boats get in the way, they jump out of the water and take a leap instead of slipping. But at the moment, their speed is up to 60 kilometers per hour and if a person is hit by it, it can be severely damaged.

On January 20, 2020, a needlefish jumped into the Indonesian sea and caught the neck of a 16-year-old man sitting there. The fish’s mouth quickly penetrated his neck and came out of the back of the neck. A boy named Abdul was rushed to a hospital where his life was saved.

Although these fish are not hostile to humans, they are furious and travel very fast. Needlefish also hide in the light of boats and are attacked by boat fishermen. They also have fine sharp teeth in their mouths. However, their risk is slightly lower than that of sharks.

Attacks by these fish are common, especially in Indonesia, but in 2014 a Russian tourist in Vietnam died at the hands of this fish.

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