The data mined from Counter-Strike 2 reveals

counter strike 2

Data miners have found what they claim is a new anti-cheat for Counter-Strike 2 called VAC Live, which is similar to Riot Games‘ Valorant anti-cheat.

Counter-Strike 2 was announced by Valve with many improvements in engine and gameplay, but there was no indication of a new anti-cheat system.

CS: GO currently uses VAC (Valve anti-cheat) and bans account from all over the world for hacking and cheating.

According to data miner Aquarius, the anti-cheat system in Counter-Strike 2 is getting a facelift.

The data miner said found a new feature in Counter-Strike 2 called VAC Live, which could cancel live matches if cheating is detected. With its anti-cheat system Vanguard, Riot Game’s tactical shooter Valorant does the same thing.

Counter-Strike 2 will have anti-cheat features

According to the VAC was implemented with Counter-Strike in 2002. Bans are permanent and non-negotiable.

In spite of the severity of the punishments, they have never been particularly swift. Some bans from the Valve system can take up to a week or more to process.

In recent years, Valve has made strides in anti-cheat detection and has even hinted at utilizing machine learning to outwit those who profit from hacks to win people’s games.

There is an anti-cheat system installed directly on players’ computers that can detect cheating during matches, reminiscent of Riot’s Vanguard system in Valorant.

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