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One pound counterfeit coin sold for Rs. 48,000

One of the millions of pounds of production defect for 205 pounds. Photo: Daily Sun.

London: A one- found by a shopkeeper in a UK pub has for 205 British pounds on the popular auction website eBay.

The coin was given to a brewery employee who had an artificial defect because it is usually silver in the middle and has golden edges. While the unique coin is made entirely of gold metal.

He put the coin up for sale on eBay, where it sold for 205 times more after 24 bids. This may sound ridiculous, but it is probably bought by a curious person who is obsessed with collecting coins. All over the world, the design of coins and notes is sometimes misunderstood and hidden by mechanical error and is considered rare.

Coins are minted all the time in the Royal Mint of Britain and it is very difficult for any one of the millions of coins to be minted and it is difficult to keep an eye on it. Sometimes, however, coins deviate from their design and become unusually rare.

On the other hand, commemorative coins that are minted in small quantities are also sold at a price many times higher than the original price. Coin collectors also like to buy and keep them.

The 5 205 coin features a flower from London’s famous Kew Garden.

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