Scientists have started giving “potty training” to cows to improve the environment

Ammonia released from cow waste combines with soil to form harmful gas nitrous oxide, research shows. (Photo: Internet)

Berlin: Scientists are training cows to ‘dung’ in a specific place like children for environmental survival.

According to a report published in CNN, a group of researchers from Germany is training cows to ‘dung’. If you can train a baby to poop, then why not a cow? Following this theory, the researchers say that the purpose of this experiment is to find a solution to the environmental damage caused by livestock waste.

Science Journal Current Biology Jean Lang Bean, co-author of the study and an animal psychologist at the German Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology, said: Braz (urine and dung) are not able to control. Cattle living on the farm usually excrete 66 to 88 pounds of waste and 8 gallons of urine a day, and they do this wherever they want. However, the presence of their waste in the soil has a negative impact on the environment.

“As we know, agriculture is the world’s largest source of ammonia emissions, accounting for more than half of livestock farming,” he added. About 90% of the ammonia released in Europe comes from agriculture.

Although ammonia released from cow waste does not directly contribute to climate change, it combines with soil to convert greenhouse gases into nitrous oxide, which contaminates soil and waterways. The purpose of training cows to dung in a specific place is to protect the environment and waterways from this pollution.

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