Rock divided into two equal parts, the geological wonder of Saudi Arabia

In the middle of the Tema Valley in Saudi Arabia, the middle part of the El Nasla rock looks like two pieces cut by a laser. Photo: File

Riyadh: There is a unique geological wonder of the world on the land of Arabia in which a large rock can be seen divided into two equal parts. It looks as if the butter has been cut with a hot knife or the mountain has been cut with a laser because both sides of the fine line are so smooth that they have been created by a laser beam instead of the effects of the weather.

This wonder is found in the oasis of the famous Tema Valley in Saudi Arabia. El Nusla rock is located right in the middle of the field. The two sides of the heavy rock stand on a small ridge. Made of sandstone, these rocks look like beautiful showpieces. Not only Saudi Arabia but tourists from all over the world come to see it. There are geologists among them but they have not been able to give a satisfactory reason so far.

Although more research is needed, it is speculated that the rock may have been cut into two equal parts some 4,000 years ago. I have distributed.

People speculate that ancient civilization may have carved this rock or may have been the property of a space creature. Impressions of an animal (horse) that are thousands of years old are also carved on it. Arabic inscriptions and human impressions can also be seen prominently on the back of the rock.

Experts believe that the rock may have split into two equal parts, perhaps due to a gradual landslide. Or maybe the rock is on the fault line with a crack in it over time.

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