Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draw# 87 Announced On Sep-15-2021

Draw# 87 of Rs. 200 held at Muzaffarabad on Sep-15-2021. The results of the Rs. 200 has accounted for today.

As stated by the representative of National Savings, the worth of Rs 200 prize bond 1st prize is PKR 750,000, the worth of 2nd prize is PKR 250,000, and the worth of 3rd prize is PKR 1,250. 

The first prize of Rs. 200 prize bond will be given to one lucky winner. At the same time, five winners will get the second prize of Rs. 200 prize bond. On the other hand, the third prize will be awarded to 2394 lucky persons.

Winner’s Draw List Of Rs 200 Prize bond

Bond WorthCityDateFirst PrizeSecond PrizeThird Prize
PKR 200Muzaffarabad15 Sep 2021750,000 PKR250,000 PKR1,250 PKR

If you want to know if you are lucky enough to win a prize, you can check the results of the Rs. 200 prize bond draw# 87 by clicking Here.

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