Police are looking for the “dirty diaper” thief!

The man allegedly stole dozens of dirty diapers from a trash can outside a baby day care center. (Photo: Internet)

Toronto: Canadian police are currently searching for a thief who stole dirty baby diapers from a trash can.

According to reports, the “incident” of stealing dirty baby diapers took place outside a baby day care center in the Danforth and Coxwell Avenues area of ​​Toronto, Canada.

Employees at the Baby Day Care Center told police the alleged thief was a young man who arrived Friday morning.

He wandered outside the center just before noon and then suddenly took his black power bike and went somewhere.

When daycare staff searched the building, they found dozens of baby diapers stolen from a trash can outside the daycare center.

The incident was immediately reported to police, but Toronto police have so far been unable to locate it.

Now the police have posted the details of this mysterious thief in a post on the internet so that the public can get help in this search.

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