Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds announced that they have a son

ryan reynolds

Although Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively haven’t revealed the gender of their fourth child, the Deadpool actor has revealed that he’s expecting a son.

Prior to the birth of their baby, Ryan was the only man in a family of five, including Blake, his wife, and their three daughters, James, eight, Inez, six, and Betty, three.

It’s adorable that Ryan embraces being a ‘girl dad’ rather than yearning for a boy. From his home during lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephen Colbert interviewed him and he confessed: “I do not miss masculine company at all.” Most men tend to be responsible for someone’s demise. That’s fine with me. I like just being with the girls. I like doing girl stuff.”

It is everything he could have hoped for to live in a household of females, and he finds it wonderful to be a father.

The father of four described his four daughters as his “superheroes,” telling Access: “If anything got crazy or scary in my life, they’d be the first people I’d turn to.”

A father of four dubbed his daughters his “superheroes,” telling Access magazine: “No joke, they’re the most capable people I know. If anything got crazy or scary, they’d be the first people I’d turn to.”

Ryan says he loves his family and doesn’t mind being outnumbered by the females He added: “They have wisdom and strength. They’re calm under fire, they’re brave under fire.” He said: “I love being a girl dad.” I have three daughters, which I never would have imagined in a million years. The fact that I come from a family of boys, with three older brothers, has been a wonderful journey and I love it so much, he has said: “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

She shared a photo of herself on Instagram, showing the A Simple Favor actress without her baby bump, hinting in her caption that it was a recent snap and that she had been “busy.”

Just after the Super Bowl, Ryan was asked about his fourth child. When asked about the gender, he laughed and said: “I’m not telling, this isn’t a birth announcement.”

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