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One kilogram of nuts, bolts and nails were found in the stomach of a Lithuanian

A man, after giving up alcohol, started eating the steel items shown in this picture. Photo: Euronews

Lithuania: Nuts, bolts, , screws and steel items were found in a man’s abdomen after he complained of abdominal pain. Their total weight is more than one .

A man quit drinking two months ago. Then he wanted to swallow metal objects. He started eating some , screws, nuts, bolts and steel items almost every day, after which a pile of metal items got stuck in his stomach.

The man was rushed to Caledonia University Hospital. During the initial surgery, several metal objects were recovered from his abdomen, including a four-inch-long piece of iron. The famous Lithuanian surgeon Saronas Dialidinas has done this and he has described this incident as a very unique and unique event.

The patient was operated on for three consecutive hours in an emergency and the tray kept nearby was filled with metal nut bolts and other parts. However, now the patient is completely calm.

The man, who lives on the shores of the Baltic Sea, had a sudden onset of severe abdominal pain, after which he was rushed to hospital. However, doctors are still monitoring the condition after the operation.

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