A few minutes of intense exercise can protect against heart disease and cancer

exercise benefits

Men and especially women, if exercised for a few minutes, reduce the risk of dying from heart diseases, cancer, and other diseases.

These are the results of a study in which women underwent a heart rate test that is performed only through intense exercise.

As Scottie Boucher, a physiotherapy expert at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, says the results of his study are clear that men, and especially women, should exercise. Such as swimming, running and cycling to prevent them from many deadly diseases.

The measurement of lightweight exercise is called MET (Metabolic Equivalent). For example, a mile race in ten minutes would be equivalent to 10 METs. Similarly, the process of riding a bicycle would be equivalent to 14 METs. In this way, any exercise that has a value greater than 6 MET will consider a workout.

Experts say that this study enrolls thousands of women for five consecutive years. And their ages ranged from 50 to 75 years. According to scientists, even for just a few minutes of daily exercise, there are many benefits. These exercises dissolve bodily fat and relieve type 2 diabetes, including obesity.

Similarly, this strengthens of heart and metabolism correctness causes the reduction of cancer risks. The research will now be presented at the European Conference and a research paper is under this topic. Experts have stressed that women of all ages can work hard and there is no age limit in this regard.

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